Inscript Layout V/s Google Transliterate

ఈ ఇన్స్క్రిప్ట్ లేఔట్ తో వేగలేక చస్తున్నాను.  చివరకు గూగలే దిక్కు ఐయింది. Google transliteration bookmarklet ఉపయోగిస్తున్నాను.

How to type new Rupee character on keyboard in Linux Ubuntu

New Indian Rupee (INR) character is typed with Ctrl+Shift+u20b9

Keep Ctrl and Shift pressed while typing the 5 characters – yoo two zero bee nine ;)

Was setting up an online computer store on I set the default currency to INR (Rupee) and wanted to set the new Rupee symbol. After a lot of searching on the Internet, information from 2 URLs finally provided the solution to type new Rupee character on keyboard in Linux Ubuntu (my version: 11.10).

Kamlakar Agashe’s post about the new indian rupee symbol on Linux informed the unicode in UTF-8, but the suggested key-sequence (Right-Alt+4) didn’t work for me. Some more search and I landed at this Linux Unicode composition article which got me the correct method that I was looking for.

శ్రీ = Mdjr in Telugu (InScript)

We have to type Mdjr to get శ్రీ in the Telugu (InScript) keyboard layout.

श्री = zxrI in Hindi (Bolnagri)

Thanks to Tāṇḍava, I got श्री by typing zxrI in the Hindi (Bolnagri) layout.

हिन्दी बोलनागरी कुन्जी पटल


ताण्डव जी,
हिन्दी बोलनागरी कुन्जी पटल प्रसारित करने एवं मेरी वांछित जानकारी देने के लिये धन्यवाद.

Originally posted on Tandava's Technical Blog:

I have recently got a new laptop, my trusty old ThinkPad R40e has cracks in the case and doesn’t always load. I’m not sure how old it is, but it is an IBM thinkpad and the brand switched to Lenovo in 2005. I have run Linux on my old laptop for a while, but have not yet successfully installed it on my new one yet.  One of the best things about the Linux release was the Bolnagri keyboard layout. This puts most of the devanagari characters in on keys which have the same or a similar sound on the Latin QWERTY keyboard. For example, the “d” key gives द and the shift D key ध. Vowels are slightly more complicated, as you have to hold down the ALT-GTR key for the independent forms. For example typing “ki”  gives कि and kI gives की , whereas AltGtr+i gives इ , and AltGtr+I  ई…

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శ్రీ.com Telugu blog

శ్రీ.com was setup long back for a Telugu blog! Must start blogging on it! At least simultaneous with the Hindi blog.

श्री.com launchpad is setup.

श्री.com launchpad is setup.