itsSri, meaning it’s Sri you are dealing with. Although my tryst with computers started in the days of COBOL, I ventured into the domaining domain only in the end of 2004, when India was opening up further to Internet. I naively wished to register the .COM of my name Srinivasa and even the short name, Sri. Of course, both were not available. Sri.com was one of the first 10 domains ever registered, worth millions of dollars and way beyond my reach. So, my quest for a decent domain name that satisfies many things started and in January 2005 I finalized itssri.

itssri is also the acronym of my freelance firm and which also completely represents what I am, which is Information Technology Services, Systems, Resources Integrator.

My logo and favicon ilogo96x96bgtrans represents a warm, friendly, ethereal i t.

For reading through my blabber, here’s a free gift –

The Linux Command Line (16.07)  by William E Shotts

You can also download it from SourceForge.



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