How to type new Rupee character on keyboard in Linux Ubuntu

New Indian Rupee (INR) character is typed with Ctrl+Shift+u20b9

Keep Ctrl and Shift pressed while typing the 5 characters – yoo two zero bee nine 😉

Was setting up an online computer store on I set the default currency to INR (Rupee) and wanted to set the new Rupee symbol. After a lot of searching on the Internet, information from 2 URLs finally provided the solution to type new Rupee character on keyboard in Linux Ubuntu (my version: 11.10).

Kamlakar Agashe’s post about the new indian rupee symbol on Linux informed the unicode in UTF-8, but the suggested key-sequence (Right-Alt+4) didn’t work for me. Some more search and I landed at this Linux Unicode composition article which got me the correct method that I was looking for.